Dishmantled, Ep. 5 "Who You Callin' Chicken?" | Out on Roku

Updated: Jan 6

My episode for s2 of @dishmantled is finally out on @therokuchannel! It was gonna be on @Quibi (which btw is Latin for “queef”) but RIP to the greatest quib that ever dared to bi.

The show puts me, a professional clown, up against a professional chef in a cooking battle that was very fair for @chefmwa and a roast battle that was very fair for moi.

SPOILER ALERT: Did I win the $5K? No. Did I win the hearts of millions of Americans? Maybe! Did I embarrass my Italian mother by absolutely fumbling in a kitchen on a global platform? You know it, bud. (Peep slides 6 + 7 for when she officially disowned me.)

Go check it out. You can watch for free.

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